25 Bedford Row

Jewellery Quarter Academy send four students, to one of the top defence barrister chambers in the country for their work experience.

Year 10 are going on their work experience from Monday 19th March.

13 students were lucky enough to be invited to 25 Bedford Row in July 2017. The barristers were so impressed with the drive and zeal of our children, they offered the school 4 places for work experience!

Year 10 students wrote letters of application to Criminal Defence Barrister, Zeenat Islam explaining why they felt they should be chosen.

Zeenat explained that choosing from such a worthy group of students was so difficult. She found our children to be eloquent, passionate and all deserving of a place.

This said (after a lengthy process and repeated nagging emails from Mrs Islam!) Zeenat made her decision.

Mr Jasper and Miss Goma will be accompanying Lovet, Nihad, Amirah and Kimarli to London in a few weeks’ time to what I am sure, will be one of the most exciting, eye opening and interesting experiences of their lives.

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