Jewellery Quarter Academy

Jewellery Quarter Academy is a learning community that has the highest expectations and aspirations for every student in its care. We unapologetically put each young person’s interests at the heart of every decision we make. At the heart of our Academy are the ‘CORE’ values of collaboration, opportunity, respect and excellence.

We operate as a strong team to better the life chances of our students. This means that the Academy’s staff members work together to continually improve the quality of education that each young person receives. We value the contributions that parents, carers and students make to develop our practice further, as well as utilising the expertise of colleagues at our other CORE Education Trust schools. Our Governing Body and Trustees also play a highly active and impactful role in supporting and challenging the Academy’s provision, to ensure that it is the best it can possibly be. In collaboration with external professionals who regularly evaluate our practice, we aim to give students a world-class education that prepares them for the future.

We give students rich experiences beyond the curriculum that develop personal competencies as well as academic skills. This is why Jewellery Quarter Academy offers membership of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and chance to complete internationally recognised Duke of Edinburgh Awards that enhance their lives. We also offer extra-curricular clubs that are scheduled after the Academy day, on Saturdays and in holiday breaks that appeal to a wide range of tastes and interests – whether it is additional time with teachers preparing for assessments, DJ-ing and music production, or a project-based drama club (with Birmingham’s Recre8now teams), we have something for everyone.

Respect for the local and wider community, British and world history, and for one another is integral to everything we do at Jewellery Quarter Academy. We are currently working with JQBID’s ‘Clean Up’ team to make the area more appealing and rubbish free. Our students are included in a very exciting project with English Heritage, who are planning to refurbish and reinvigorate several local historical properties back to their former glory. The Academy is proud to be a leading school for ‘Echo Eternal’ in remembering the Holocaust, by engaging with survivors and interpreting their stories through the media of film, art and music. In this way, we help to keep their memories in our community’s conscience and develop collective citizenship. We expect and give respect to everyone, whether we know them well, somewhat or not at all. If you come and visit us, you will see this in evidence.

We strive for excellence for all students, irrespective of prior attainment, context or educational need. Our students are nurtured by all staff members and this ensures that they are happy, well cared for and successful. Jewellery Quarter Academy values every young person and their talents; our students are gifted in many ways – they are imaginative, creative and artistic. We are blessed to be where we are, in a rich, diverse community with a plethora of facilities and attractions that help to develop the culture of our young people.

We always welcome visitors and we would like to take the opportunity to invite you to come and see the progress we have made. We are never complacent and invite feedback at all times. In this way, we aim to develop the Academy further and faster than ever before.

Mr. Greg Williams. Headteacher.