A CORE Academy

Our Mission

At JQA, we focus on delivering a CORE education that provides a broad range of opportunities for students from all backgrounds to learn and achieve as well as developing a depth of character around our shared values.

We also aim to emphasise a strong association with the history and heritage of the Jewellery Quarter area of central Birmingham.


We achieve our goals through working together and working successfully with others.

As a CORE academy, we are ‘outward-facing’ and we are are enriched and inspired by CORE Education Trust’s partnerships with national organisations as well as our diverse, local partners in the historic Jewellery Quarter and central Birmingham – our city-centre location enables our students to benefit from access to all that our ‘Second City’ brings.


We make the most of every opportunity that we are offered to learn and grow.

Students at our academy will benefit from opportunities to nurture their individual interests, aspirations and talents through a range of experiences, and have access to a diverse, extended curriculum offer. Every student will be given the chance to shine and will be supported when they encounter difficulties or challenges to develop the strength of character required for them to succeed, led by our CORE values.


We look after one another and make sure everyone is safe and that we are respectful.

We are proud to be a place where all are welcomed, respected, treated equally and cared for. We welcome families from across the globe to our city centre location. We cherish the richness of difference and take time to understand each other.


We always give 100% and make sure that everything we do is our best. We nurture each other and invest in ourselves. We’re proud of our achievements, yet always aiming higher. Exceptional educational outcomes, opportunities and experiences will be complemented by the highest quality progression routes.

Students will be aspirational and open-minded about their potential as successful global citizens, whilst remaining grounded and proud of who they are and where they are from.