Business Studies Trip to BCU

On Wednesday 24th November, we took 20 Year 10 GCSE Business Studies students to an Enterprise competition at BCU. Each team had to think of a unique business idea and pitch their ideas to the lecturers at BCU. Our students worked incredibly hard and 2 of our teams have reached the finals where they will compete against other schools from Birmingham. They excelled in their sales pitches and the lecturers were impressed with the knowledge our students displayed.

3rd October 2018

Holocaust Beacon School

Jewellery Quarter Academy is a UCL Beacon School and recognise our commitment to ongoing quality provision for teaching and learning about the Holocaust.

Following our continued engagement with the Echo Eternal project Tom Haward from the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education visited the school to support with our on-going staff continued professional development.

An engaging dialogue continues to develop about how best to innovate teaching and learning about the Holocaust.



How does a school that serves a ward with the highest number of mental health admissions in Birmingham try to actively improve mental health for its students whilst continuing to focus on excellence?

We have taken a rather novel approach to this predicament. We know that so many of our students and parents suffer with a wide variety of mental health issues. We have been fortunate that parents who suffer or work with those who have mental health conditions have spoken to our students in assemblies and given up their time to support but we wanted to go one step further.

Whilst other schools have reduced the amount of time spent on creative subjects like Drama, Art and Design and Technology we have actively increased it along with the number of hours dedicated to PE. In addition, like many Universities, we have a programme of extra-curricular style activities on a Wednesday afternoon. This both broadens the curriculum, our students opportunities and should support in reducing stress which can be a contributing factor in triggering mental health issues including anxiety.

Our children are getting a taster of a wide range of activities, more of which you can see via twitter @COREJQAcademy

Friday 28th September, 2018

We are always looking for Opportunities and Partnerships at JQA as we want our students to experience life first hand.

As part of the national Advertising Unlocked initiative a team of our students visited McCann Birmingham. They are part of the world’s leading ad agency network. Many of our students have aspirations of working in creative industries including in marketing and advertising so this was a first class opportunity for them to visit an award winning company known for its creativity and strategic insight.

We are sure that it has opened our students eyes up to the potential career routes in creative agencies and thank McCann for providing this opportunity.

Wednesday 26th September

Combined Cadet Force – Royal Air Force

We have always prided ourselves on offering #Opportunities that so often seem to be the preserve of Grammar Schools.

We were delighted to be accepted in starting a new CCF contingent at Jewellery Quarter Academy.  This will offer our students a broad range of challenging, exciting, adventurous and educational activities.

The aim of our RAF contingent is to enable the development of personal responsibility, leadership and self-discipline. We are sure the leadership skills it will hone will be all important for our students once they leave JQA.

Glen Cadman our School Staff Instructor was joined by existing JQA staff as we launched the application process to join the contingent this week. There is already a ‘buzz’ around school about the life chances this will create.

Tuesday 25th September, 2018


Jewellery Quarter Academy regularly opens its door to visitors but this week saw more than ever visit our school to see if it was the right one for them. It is an anxious time for Parents/Carers and families as they decide which Secondary School is best for them.

We are pleased that so many people visited the school to see if first hand. So many of them left satisfied that they would be sending their son/daughter to the school. Last year dozens of our existing families sent their younger children to our school so it good to see that those who have already experienced life at JQA want the same again!

July 17th, 2018


We are so fortunate to be based in the heart of Birmingham and within walking distance of its great facilities.  Students from Years 7 and 8 were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to perform at the world renown Birmingham Symphony Hall, known for its near perfect acoustics.

The project was championed by Becky Woodcock of the Town Hall and Symphony Hall, Birmingham. Our students worked alongside a commissioned jazz composer and support musicians over a number of weeks. Then following a mass rehearsal with other schools from our community they performed their piece.

July 10th, 2018


The opportunities are endless at Jewellery Quarter Academy and our partnership with the Tennis Foundation has given our students so many life chances this year.

Throughout the year there have been many Tennis related activities including the She Rally where our students met Judy Murray. In addition, our students have had weekly coaching from a Paralympian in how to improve their technique,

However the culmination of the year was the opportunity for our students to go to the Wimbledon Finals.

June 28th, 2018


It isn’t often in Birmingham that we have a summer that is so hot and last so long, it has seemed like there has been endless good weather.

As we approached the end of the year we look back on reflect on what our students have achieved #Excellence. It seemed only right that we invited their parents/carers and families into school to celebrate their successes as we all work together. #Collaboration

Normally we have a rather formal Awards’ Evening where we sit in rows and present certificates. However, this year we decided to embrace the sun and had a Rewards Barbeque instead. It was pleasing to see so many proud families and have the time to talk about all the positives that have happened over the year. We hope, if the weather holds, this can become an annual event.

June 21st, 2018


So often communities can seem to co-exist but not work together. Many people feel that young people live in a different world to them, using technology in different ways and having being brought up in a different age. Similarly many young people find it difficult to relate to people who are from a different generation, though often they are the ones they will be applying to for university and careers.

Andy Coxall, the CEO of Common Purpose Student Experiences, flew back to the UK to visit Jewellery Quarter Academy as part of an Intergenerational Leadership event we were hosting for Common Purpose.

He spoke passionately, as did the guests and our children about the need for people from different age ranges to come together for everyone’s betterment. There was a real feeling of the need for #Collaboration.