Careers Education

Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)


CEIAG plays an important part in the lives of students and our programme involves all students from all year groups as part of their Personal Development journey. The aim of our programme is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to be able to make wise and informed choices regarding their future, and to help them develop the skills required to prepare them for their working life. We wish to raise their aspirations and encourage them to consider all the options available to them, challenging stereotypes and taking ownership of their goals.

Jewellery Quarter Academy has a Careers Leader, Miss S Alderton, who can be contacted through reception or by email: [email protected].

We are committed to following the government’s new Careers Strategy (published January 2018) and aim to meet the eight Gatsby Benchmarks and constantly evaluate and review our provision. We are continuously assessing our performance and measuring our progress against the Benchmarks, and are working with various organisations including the Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC) and the Titan Partnership to improve the quality of our provision.

Our programme begins in Year 7 when students are introduced to the world of work and encouraged to explore the variety of career paths open to them. In Year 8 students are supported in choosing their options, and in the later years help and advice is given to students so that each of them is able to make an informed choice about what they will choose to do after they leave school.

Employers and Businesses

As part of our programme, we are always looking for professionals and representatives from local and national businesses to work with us. This could be anything from a talk or workshop at the school, to a tour of your facilities, to mentoring sessions. If you would like to get involved and support our students, please contact Miss S Alderton, who will be keen to discuss opportunities with you.


Linking Careers Education to other areas of the curriculum is a key part of our offer and is covered by Gatsby Benchmark 4. Here you can read a report detailing how ‘encounters with the world of work can change attitudes and improve academic achievement’.

We ask teachers to integrate careers-related content into their lessons throughout the year, but particularly during themed events such as National Careers Week and National Apprenticeship Week. If you are a teacher and would like support with finding resources or planning careers lessons in your subject, please see Miss S Alderton.

Students and Parents/Carers

Below is a provisional outline of the CEIAG events calendar for each year group which forms part of our Personal Development Map.

Alongside these events, assemblies, form time and PSHE lessons will regularly involve CEIAG-related content including:

  • Individual careers research using Kudos and E-Clips
  • Talks from professionals in various industries
  • Presentations from FE/HE/training providers
  • Employability skills sessions, e.g. CV writing, interview technique, and applications

We also plan to arrange activities during the following themed weeks:

  • Tomorrow’s Engineers Week (4-8 Nov)
  • Discover! Creative Careers Week (18-22 Nov)
  • National Apprenticeship Week (3-7 Feb)
  • National Careers Week (March)
Year Group & Focus Autumn Spring Summer
Year 7

Exposure to range of areas

–       University/College aspirational visit –       Big Bang STEM Careers Fair –       Titan Careers & Skills Fair

–       Drop Down Day

Year 8

Exposure to range of areas and deciding options

–       Worldskills UK Live –       Options Evening featuring Apprenticeship Fair –       Energy Quest workshop
Year 9

In-depth exposure to areas of interest

–       Tomorrow’s Engineers Big Assembly –       National Apprenticeship Event –       Bespoke FE/HE events, related to areas of interest
Year 10

Exploring aspirations and plans

–       Barclays LifeSkills Workshop –       Work Experience –       Bespoke visit to a university, college, or industry event, related to areas of interest
Year 11

Confirming plans and preparing for post-school

–       Mock Interview Day –       Parents’ Evening, featuring careers advice and representatives from FE/HE/apprenticeship providers

–       1:1 guidance interviews

–       NCS Challenge signup

–       Exams/ careers drop in sessions

–       GCSE Results Day, featuring representatives from FE/HE providers



Personal Development Map

The Gatsby Benchmarks

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