Testing for Covid-19 at JQA

Our ‘Seacole Centre’ was in operation in March but now we are testing using home testing kits.

Lateral Flow Tests are issued regularly to students to take home and are completed each Wednesday and Sunday. Texts and app alerts act as reminders.

Packs of Lateral Flow Devices are issued regularly to students

Report Results HERE

After taking their lateral flow test at home, all students should report their result to the govt and the school:

  1. Log it with the govt website at: https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result
  2. Report the result via our online form: https://tinyurl.com/jqahometest

Any student that tests positive should remain at home and arrange to have the full PCR test, informing the Academy by calling 0121 729 7220 and pressing Option 2.

Below is more information for parents/carers about how we Covid-19 at JQA with presentations, Frequently Asked Questions and a link to our online consent form.

Presentations and Zoom Q & A link:

Below you will find the presentation given to parents/carers via Zoom on Weds 6th Jan and a link to a video recording of this presentation and Q and A session:


Leaflet Outlining The Testing Process:

For students, parents/carers and staff, below is a guide to completing your self-administered test:


Correspondence and Data Protection:

Below is a letter s for parents/carers regarding the processes for home testing and data protection: