Testing for Covid-19 at JQA

Our ‘Seacole Centre’ has been set up to test staff and students on site for Covid-19, using the Lateral Flow Tests which provides results in around 30 minutes.

Give consent for your child here: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=B5YBHl7oJEqzKU6mNYU9WAaZDuuercVBn0a0Bt-LfvtUMlI4OUxFM00zNTVTWjkwME5HTFJLVDBTSi4u

Below is more information for parents/carers about aspects of testing for Covid-19 at JQA with presentations, Frequently Asked Questions and a link to our online consent form.

Letter from Mr Williams:


We encourage all parents/carers to give consent for their child to undertake the Lateral Flow Tests – we aim to test twice weekly from 8th March 2021 and will shortly provide guidance and expectations for home testing too.

Headteacher’s Presentation and Zoom Q & A link:

Below you will find the presentation given to parents/carers via Zoom on Weds 6th Jan and a link to a video recording of this presentation and Q and A session:


Leaflet Outlining The Testing Process:

For students, parents/carers and staff, below is a guide to completing your self-administered test:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions for parents/carers regarding the processes for testing and data protection:



Click on the link at the top of the page to complete our consent form for Covid-19 testing.