Creative Curriculum


How does a school that serves a ward with the highest number of mental health admissions in Birmingham try to actively improve mental health for its students whilst continuing to focus on excellence?

We have taken a rather novel approach to this predicament. We know that so many of our students and parents suffer with a wide variety of mental health issues. We have been fortunate that parents who suffer or work with those who have mental health conditions have spoken to our students in assemblies and given up their time to support but we wanted to go one step further.

Whilst other schools have reduced the amount of time spent on creative subjects like Drama, Art and Design and Technology we have actively increased it along with the number of hours dedicated to PE. In addition, like many Universities, we have a programme of extra-curricular style activities on a Wednesday afternoon. This both broadens the curriculum, our students opportunities and should support in reducing stress which can be a contributing factor in triggering mental health issues including anxiety.

Our children are getting a taster of a wide range of activities, more of which you can see via twitter @COREJQAcademy

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