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We have worked hard to refine our remote learning offer, based on our experience of the first lockdown and the past term. Your child’s education will be as close to in-person learning as possible. It includes Personal Development sessions, assemblies as well as a full timetable of subject-specific sessions. 

We will continue to connect with the school community and deliver the curriculum at home through ‘live’ lessons. We expect students to spend between 7 – 8 hours learning each day, including breaks, lunch and homework. All students should use Teams (via Office 365) to access curriculum work set by their teachers and this can be accessed via the JQA app or via students’ school email.  

For more information on the JQA app and home learning guides, please see the online support and equipment section of the website – in this section you also find information about equipment and devices.

We recognise that some pupils may not have suitable online access at home. We aim support those pupils who are unable to access the online learning. If you require a ‘loan laptop’ you can request one on the Forms section of the JQA app. If you require technical support to access live learning, call 0121 729 7220.

You’ll also find more information on the Student Info section of the app including a guide to using Microsoft Teams: 

Live learning timetables 

All students follow a live learning timetable at Virtual JQA.

These timetables are below and on the Virtual JQA section of our mobile app.

It is essential that students have:

  • downloaded the JQA App (search Piota schools on app store)
  • all their usernames and passwords (here)

You can also find much more in the ‘Student Info’ section of the app.

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