Literacy for Life is a unique thematic curriculum created for our Key Stage 3 students. It is taught through integrated themes and makes up the majority of students’ timetables. Our philosophy incorporates competency-based, personalised and blended learning. To facilitate accelerated learning, our curriculum uses technology to extend learning beyond the classroom.  

What is thematic learning? The thematic approach draws together many subject areas, weaving them into a theme. It allows learning to be more organic and less fragmented. Traditional curriculum models divide the school timetable into several subject areas; children practice exercises focused on these specific disciplines with little or no connection to other subject areas, and often out of context. Taking a thematic approach has many benefits for the learner. Learning for Life themes create a critical thinking tapestry, bringing together different and seemingly unrelated learning threads into a unified whole. Learning is more holistic, contextual and student centred. 


  • Miss Clarke
  • Mr Hassan
  • Miss Crooks