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Dear Parent/Carer,

We are always reflecting on how our students can get the very best possible provision at JQA. You may have seen the recent announcement from the Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, regarding the expected levels of ‘live’ learning parents and carers should expect of schools in England. In late December, the provision to learn remotely was shared with Year 8 and 9 who had to remain at home and this offer was then extended to all students who have been learning from home from 5th January via Microsoft Teams.

This initial offer was a platform to provide effective live learning to all students in the short term as we expected students to return to the Academy shortly – but with national restrictions coming into force and students remaining at home, we are now in a position to strengthen our live learning provision for students to enable them to make more progress in
the long term whilst they continue to be away from JQA. Our expert staff continue to enhance their practice in delivering remote learning, supported by excellent professional development from our Senior Leadership Team, and clear expectations of how to best deliver remote learning.

Key Changes:
We are sharing revised timetables for live learning via Microsoft Teams for all year groups, beginning on Monday 11th January. We have reviewed the latest research and evidence from the Education Endowment Foundation to guide our practices. The changes will see:

• Students in KS3 taught in their class teaching groups (in most cases) instead of whole-year group teaching – this will enable closer support, more effective teaching and more opportunities for independent practice with support and feedback for our students

• Regular screen breaks built into the timetable for students and staff to support visual health and promote a culture of looking after ourselves

• Standard lesson timings and routines for all students at the Academy, including ‘whole academy’ assemblies led by senior staff on a Tuesday morning at 8.30am.

• A ‘flexible’ 2pm slot to give students in Years 7-10 the opportunity to complete assignments or do other assigned personal development sessions such as CCF or CORE Leaders of Tomorrow; Year 11 will have Accelerate sessions and also the opportunity to do Careers-focussed sessions too

From Monday 11th January 2021 – Virtual JQA Revised timetables for all years will be in place to support progress in the longer term.
Students should go to the correct Teams group for their scheduled lesson at correct time. In combined groups, students can easily click on the links in the timetables to find the Team.

These timetables can be found for each year group on our website link here:
All students will have their individual timetables emailed to their school email account and can also find them on the JQA app.

We will also enhance and further develop our website, creating an extensive microsite dedicated to our Virtual Academy. This will help students and parents navigate more easily through our full package of online learning and support. We will let you know when this is launched.
As always, if you need technical support, you can call the Academy between 8am and 4pm on 0121 729 7220 and work with our superb IT technician, Mr A. Shabir.

Technology Requests
We have published a guide for all parents and carers on how to use Microsoft Teams to support their child with live learning. We are working hard to ensure all JQA students have access to technology. Please use the Form on the JQA app to request a laptop if you have limited or no access to devices.

We have been encouraged by the start our students have made to learning safely from home and we are sure our strengthened offer of live learning, combined with our efforts to support families with access and technology will enable more students to make superb progress whilst they continue to learn from home.

Stay safe; stay in touch.

Yours faithfully,
Mr J Barton

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