Online Support & Equipment

JQA App 

The JQA app is very useful for parents, it provides work for students, contact details of key staff, as well as updates and any latest news. To access:   

  • search ‘Piota School’ in any app store and then install  
  • search for the school and allow updates and notifications. 

The app also provides easy links to learning activities in the ‘Student Info’ and ‘Virtual JQA’ sections.  

Teams Assignments and School Email  

The teachers have set up class groups in Microsoft Teams and will set work via Assignments in Teams groups which can be accessed via Office 365. This will require students to log-in to their school email. Students will also enable you to communicate with teachers during the school shutdown by using this email. Downloading Microsoft Outlook on your phone is one way to do this.  

The email address is the year student joined the school, their surname and first letter of their first name. The password is the same password used to log-in to the computer at school. E.G Joe Bloggs in Year 11 would be: [email protected]  

If you are unsure, you can call the school on 0121 729 7220 or request a password reset via the ‘Forms’ section of the app. 

A full guide to accessing Teams for parents can be found here: 


CORE Education Trust is committed to ensuring every student has access to a laptop or tablet device so that they can continue to receive high quality education.  Should you need to borrow a device for this period please get in touch and arrangements will be made for you to collect a laptop from school.  If you do not have access to internet connection we will support you. Please call the Academy on 0121 729 7220.

Questions & Troubleshooting 

If your child experiences difficulties with logging into Microsoft Teams or you have any general questions about online learning, please contact us by:   

  • calling the school on 0121 729 7220 between 8:00am and 4:00pm   
  • emailing us at [email protected]    
  • alerting a senior member of staff immediately by using the Sharp System link on the JQA App 
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