Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Trip

The weather would have been more appropriate for a production of A Winter’s Tale rather than Much Ado About Nothing but despite falling snow and howling winds, a brave group of staff and students from the JQA travelled to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London to watch a live performance, in the world famous venue. When we arrived we discovered that we had almost the entire theatre to ourselves, as many of the London schools had not made the trip. The production was fantastic, performed with an energy and intent by a well drilled and professional group of performers (some direct from the West End or high profile television work); whose attitude and intensity belied the arctic conditions. Students and staff enjoyed the production immensely, it had clearly been prepared with the student demographic in mind and this adaptation was pacey and included music, singing and dance. As we were leaving the venue, our staff and students were praised by the representative from the Theatre for their exemplary behaviour and attitude in the face of adversity.

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