Teacher Assessed Grades

Reviews and Appeals

Jewellery Quarter Academy has determined grades in accordance with the JCQ guidance and has
submitted these grades to the relevant awarding organisation by the required deadline. The
evidence used to determine these were shared with you in your 1:1 meeting in May and June.
To support your understanding, please refer to the Student Guide to awarding: summer 2021/22 which
tells you how you will get your qualifications in summer 2021 and where you can get more

Concerns about your results

When you receive your results, if you think that a grade is wrong, your first step should be to speak
to for a member of SLT/Head of Year on results day for advice.

Further details of the arrangements for appeals are provided below including how to access an
appeals form. Before making an appeal please read the guidance provided below clearly.

The arrangements for appeals

There are two stages to the appeals process:
• Stage 1 – centre review
• Stage 2 – appeal to the awarding organisation

Deadlines to submit a request:
• 3 September 2021 – deadline for a student to request a Stage 1 – centre review
• 17 September 2021– deadline for a student to request a Stage 2 – appeal to awarding

Jewellery Quarter Academy will support its students through the centre review and awarding
organisation appeals process.
The information below describes the arrangements in place at Jewellery Quarter Academy for conducting a centre review and (where applicable) submitting an appeal to the awarding organisation following a centre review.

Stage 1 – Centre review:

  • If a student does not consider they have been issued with the correct grade, they can submit acentre review form (available in the policies section of our website) to check if an administrative or procedural error has occurred.
  • The student should read the important instructions, fully complete section A. Student request the Stage one – centre review form, including signature and date. The form should be returned to Reception. Electronic copies can be emailed to [email protected] with ‘Appeal’ as the email subject.
  • The outcome of the centre review may result in the student’s grade remaining the same, being lowered or raised on completion of the review the Exams Officer will complete section B. Centre review outcome of the form and share with the student as a record of the outcome, insufficient time prior to the relevant appeal to awarding organisation deadline.
  • If an administrative or procedural error is found, The Exams Officer will submit a request to theawarding organisation to correct the error and amend the grade without the need to submit an appeal to the awarding organisation.

Stage 2 – Appeal to the awarding organisation:

  • An appeal to the awarding organisation will only be submitted if the first stage, centre review, hasbeen completed and the outcome of the first stage has been issued to the student
  • The awarding organisation will not be able to consider an appeal that is based solely on differencesof opinion – if the student wants to improve their grade they may want to consider entering for the Autumn exam series.
  • If the student believes there is still an error following the centre review, or if the awardingthe organisation has made an administrative error, or the student considers that the grade awarded wasan unreasonable exercise of academic judgement, the student can submit a request to proceed withan appeal to the awarding organisation on their behalf
  • To proceed, the student must complete Stage two – appeal to awarding organisation section ofthe form, including signature and date. The form should be returned to Reception. Electronic copiescan be emailed to [email protected] with ‘Appeal’ as the email subject.
  • The Exams Officer will then submit the appeal on the student’s behalf according to the requirements of the awarding organisation to which it is being submitted
  • The awarding organisation will determine the grade at appeal and the outcome will be final
  • The outcome of the appeal may result in the grade remaining the same, being lowered or raised
  • There is no further opportunity to appeal the outcome to the awarding organisation
  • The awarding organisation’s appeal outcome letter will be provided by email to the student by The Exams Officer, as soon as reasonably practical after the outcome letter from the awarding the organisation is received in the centre.
  • Should the student still remain concerned their grade was incorrect, they may be able to apply for a procedural review
  • The appeal outcome letter will include the next appropriate steps, where applicable, to apply for aprocedural review to the Exam Procedures Review Service (EPRS)

Note – Once a finding has been made you cannot withdraw your request for a centre review or
appeal. If your grade has been lowered, you will not be able to revert back to the original grade you
received on results day. For more information please refer to the Department for Education’s blog

If you wish to appeal against your teacher assessed grade you will need to complete this form. Click to download:

Overview of TAGs process

As you are aware qualifications this summer will be determined by Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGS). Listed below are the first of several documents that will inform you of the process that is involved:

a) Guidelines from the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) on how the grades process will be undertaken.
b) The CORE Trust policy on Teacher Assessed Grades.
c) The Appeals Process
d) A user-friendly guide to the Teacher Assessed Grade process.

These are available to download below.